Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to Study Hacks USC!

Welcome to the blog of the Study Hacks on Campus team at the University of Southern California!

Who we are:
A group of students who want to improve their lives by getting better at this mystical and arcane ritual of "studying" and becoming better students overall while at the same time decreasing stress and increasing free time.

What we do:
Our goal is to create students who excel at school without stress or burnout or massive amounts of caffeine. To do this, we experiment with methods to improve academic performance, then evaluate them to see how effective they were, and what might be changed to make it better.

This isn't just about studying for tests though. We're also here to improve your time management and scheduling, essay-writing, note-taking, and whatever other aspects of school you can think of.

We are based on Cal Newport's Study Hacks blog.

To be announced soon. Agenda for the first meeting includes setting the time and place for future meetings, so show up if you want to have a say.

Why should I join?
Ever bombed a test? Ever consumed unhealthy amounts of (insert energy drink here) while pulling an all-nighter to finish that 16-page research paper? Ever used "FML" to describe your school life? Your life in general? OK, maybe we won't be able to help with the last one (and maybe we will) but for all the others, come give us a try. You just might find yourself becoming a better student...

The official email of this group is

Feel free to email with questions, comments, and concerns. Try to keep the complaints to a minimum.